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'bright white shade'
white Maplitho Paper available in reel form 80 gsm. Bright white shade
Bleached & Coated White Top Kraft liner In Mumbai Bleached & Coated White Top Kraft liner Used for the printing surface of corrugated shippers, display trays and POP displays. Main end users range from typical corrugators and sheet feeders to pre-print facilities.
sack kraft paper, white top kraft liner, virgin kraft paper, Food wrapping paper- burger/ sandwich wrapping paper, chromo paper, bleached kraft paper, maplitho paper, Sbs/ Fbb boards, art card, art paper, white glassine paper, kraft paper, kraft liner board material available currently
Bleached & Coated Linerboard In Mumbai Bleached & Coated Linerboard It has good burst factor & a suitable porosity in order to accept glue. The bleached white printing surface and a virgin kraft base combine to offer excellent printability in either combined screen or solid coverage graphics. Therefore it is mainly used in Corrugated Board manufacturing.
poster paper, white bleached kraft paper available in stocks.