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Cast Coated Paper , Aluminium Foil Paper/ Board INR   0 INR  0

Cast Coated Paper , Aluminium Foil Paper/ Board

Cast Coated Paper , Aluminium Foil Paper/ Board Cast coated paper is a super premium grade of coated paper, which can be identified by its high-gloss, mirror-like finish and superior smooth surface. Cast coated paper possess high bulk & high ink absorbing qualities since the mirror like finish is obtained without calendaring. Cast coated paper are for advertising, graphic board, covers, greeting card, packaging, labels, and where high gloss, bulk & stiffness is required. They are also used in making Liquor labels. In Aluminium Foil paper is laminated with metal foil using a suitable adhesive. It is light weight, attractive, resistant to odour, water, air, light, gas, oil and grease and possesses high thermal and electrical conductivity features. It has many applications from the traditional food industry to the hi-tech electronics and telecommunications industry



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